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Bush Penstemon

(Penstemon ambiguous) 


Bush Penstemon is a shrubby penstemon, which is native to the Texas Panhandle, north to Kansas and west to California. It is a globe-shaped, twiggy plant, which grows to 61 cm (24 in.) tall with bright green, fine, linear leaves. The tubular flowers are pale-pink to lavender-purple and bloom from late May through mid-autumn. Bush Penstemon is best adapted to well-drained soils in areas with an annual rainfall of 20 to 51 cm (8 to 20 in.). It is commonly found on sandy mesas, grasslands and in dry washes.

Seed should be planted 0.6 cm (¼ in.) deep on well-prepared seedbeds, or broadcast and covered to a similar depth. Planting dates are late fall or early spring. Bush Penstemon is used for soil stabilization, highway beautification and landscaping.



5.6 kg PLS /hectare
5 lbs. PLS/acre



250,000 – 500,000 per lb. (0.46 kg)


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