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Wasatch Penstemon
(Penstemon cyananthus)


 Wasatch penstemon is a native from southeastern Idaho to northern Utah and western Wyoming. It varies in height from 20 to 100 cm (8 to 40 in.) with leafy stems. The flowers are blue-violet and are grouped in rings near the top of the stalk. Bloom dates range from May to July. Wasatch penstemon is commonly found on sagebrush hills and in openings in mountain forests.

Seed should be planted 0.6 cm (¼ in.) deep on well prepared seedbeds or broadcast and covered with soil to a similar depth. Planting dates are late fall to early spring, or just prior to the summer rains. Wasatch penstemon is useful for stabilizing disturbed areas, beautifying highways and for landscaping.



5.6 kg PLS /hectare
5 lbs. PLS/acre



250,000 – 600,000 per lb. (0.46 kg)


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