(Setaria italica) 
Foxtail is a slender, erect annual. It grows from 30 to 175 cm (12 to 69 in.) tall on a bristly main stem. The head is 5 to 30.5 cm (2 to 12 in.) long and grows in a dense, cylindrical shape. 


German R. Strain
German R. Strain was selected by J .R. McNeill. It is a relatively early, fine-stemmed, leafy millet with compact heads in a cylindrical shape. The spines of the heads are usually reddish-purple in the early stage, but more straw-colored at maturity. This variety has good seedling vigor and is resistant to lodging. 


Hybrid Pearl
(Pennisetum glaucum)
Hybrid Pearl has the same basic attributes of Pearl millet with better disease resistance and more growth recovery in late summer and fall than ordinary pearl millets. It has high tillering capacity for greater forage production. The plants are fine- stemmed with bright green leaves. Hybrid Pearl will average 200,000 seed/kg (92,000 seed/lb.). 


(Panicum miliaceum (L).) 
Proso is a short-season plant often requiring only 60 to 65 days from seeding to maturity. The hay is coarse and forage yield comparatively low. The white and red varieties are the leading kinds for planting. In the United States it is used primarily as feed grain, in birdseed mixtures, and as food crop for game birds. 

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