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Scarlet Globemallow
(Sphaeralcea coccinca) 

Scarlet Globemallow is a perennial native to the Great Plains and adjacent areas. It is low-growing, 8 to 25 cm (3 to 10 in.) and spreads by rhizomes. The leaves are finely divided, and the flowers are bright, red-orange and resemble small hollyhocks. Bloom period is May to July.

Scarlet Globemallow occurs on hills, open areas, prairies and along roadsides; often on clayey soils and disturbed sites. Broadcast seed 0.6 cm (¼ in.) deep and cover. Plant in the fall to take advantage of winter moisture. Scarlet Globemallow is browsed by elk, antelope and small mammals. It is useful for soil stabilization and roadside plantings.



0.3 kg PLS /hectare
0.25 lbs. PLS/acre



500,000 per lb. (0.46 kg)

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