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Indian Paintbrush

(Castilleja integra)

Indian Paintbrush is a perennial native to the western United States. It grows to a height of 30.5 to 61 cm (12 to 24 in.). The large, red bracts are the showy parts of the plant, while the true flowers are small and greenish-yellow. The bloom period is from June to August. It can be difficult to establish, but once established, it will grow under a variety of conditions.

There is some controversy on whether Indian Paintbrush is parasitic on neighboring plants. Some success in germination has been obtained by seeding Blue Grama or Sagebrush in the same area with the Indian Paintbrush.



1.1 kg PLS /hectare
1 lbs. PLS/acre



4,915,200 per lb. (0.46 kg)

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